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Since I have to wait 7 months for the season 3 of The Walking Dead, I got so interested on reading the comic version to find what’s the difference of the two and I must say that I’m all hooked up to it.  Whenever I say to myself that this will be the last volume for the day, when I get to the last page of it I can’t help but to read more!

The Governor will sure make the audience get pissed off with him on Season 3! 

Oooppss, I have to keep my fingers away from my keyboard before I spoil something from the comic book. :p

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Villain dead, who’s next?

Now that almost everyone is rejoicing for Shane’s death (and I’m one of them actually), the question is, who will be the next good villain? Admit it, Shane has been a very effective antagonist in the story.

I know those comic readers know, so can anyone tell me who will be the next villain?

Just wondering since I haven’t read the comic version. Thanks. ^^,

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